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Featuring: The Beginner Photography Workshop for Mamas


Go from complete overwhelm at the thought of turning on your camera, to learning to shoot in manual, and creating nostalgic photographs of your children that you will obsess over for years to come.

As a busy mother, finding the time to learn photography can be difficult. That's why I've created a workshop specifically for you, to cover the basics of creating beautiful and meaningful photographs of your children in only one day. With all of the photography skills you'll learn, a chance to get out of the house to focus, and a community of women around you, you'll learn how to create images you'll treasure forever.

Are they growing up too quickly?

Want to capture the precious moments of your children's life but don't know where to begin?

From this 

to this

this is for you


Ringing a Bell?

Are you a busy Mama who wants to capture the precious memories of your children's childhood, but struggles with feeling overwhelmed by your camera's manual settings?

Constantly reaching for your iPhone to take photos of your children?

Tried to learn photography in the past, but felt frustrated and unmotivated?


Our one day photography workshop, led by Courtney, owner of Blury Photographer and fellow Mama, is tailored specifically for Mamas who are wanting to steal a moment or two back from time and document their little as they grow.

Throughout the day, you will learn to use your camera in manual mode, compose stunning photographs, and dip your toes into editing. So that you can up your photography skills.

We will be skipping the irrelevant tech talk and only be going over info which is necessary in photographing your littles. Let's forget the fluff! The day will also feature a live demonstration so that you can get your hands on your cameras and practice together. 


Beginner Photography Workshop in Ipswich (Brisbane)


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If you're the kind of person who prefers to jump into things on your own time, or you don't want to wait for our next workshop, I'd love to mentor you one on one. We will identify your photography goals and work together to up-level your photo game. 

I can't wait to champion your journey through learning your camera settings, editing, and even going on a shoot together. 

One on One?

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As a fellow Mama of two and professional photographer, I understand the importance of capturing the precious moments of motherhood, newborns, and maternity. I want to empower mamas to take control of their camera and create stunning photographs that will preserve memories for a lifetime.

Join me on this journey and let me guide you in capturing the beauty of motherhood and childhood through the lens.

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